Ridematching software

Comovee provides a range of easy-to-use, map-based mobility applications that enable carpooling among co-workers, neighbours and event visitors.

Carpool solutions


Comovee’s rideshare platforms are perfectly designed to satisfy the specific carpool requirements of businesses, governments and event operators.

Comovee Enterprise

Comovee Enterprise helps enterprise-scale companies to enable corporate carpooling among their employees and state-of-the-art business trip management.

Comovee Community

Comovee Community is the ideal solution for ridesharing for cities and municipalities that allows residents to share their recurring commutes with their neighbours.

Comovee Eventum

When many travel to the same event, there is a high chance of route overlaps. Comovee Eventum enables ridesharing for events.

Carpooling for commuters

Most home-to-work commutes are single-occupant trips with never-changing start and destination. Comovee enables users to find nearby people with matching commute routes.

The only daily team building event

Carpooling for employees is the most cost-efficient team building activity across department boundaries. Get started with Comovee today.

“Comovee is one of its kind: intuitive, cross-platform, cross-company, providing excellent planning reliability and outstanding support.”

Daniel Oehry