Continue using Skype 2.8 on Mac

Microsoft has announced to retire older Skype desktop versions for both Windows and Mac, forcing existing users to upgrade to current Skype versions. Popular Skype Mac versions such as Skype Mac would welcome their users with the following message once they open Skype:

Skype forced update Mac

In your software firewall for Mac OS X, e.g. Little Snitch, block connections to Skype 2.8 will not be able to check for updates and thus not force users to quit and update. Instead you can continue to work with Skype 2.8.

Instead of using Little Snitch you can add the following line

to the hosts file at /etc/hosts to block Skype update checks completely. For detailed information about how to update your hosts file, read the instruction at Mactip or another manual available online. The hosts file can be easily edited with TextWrangler.