After researching, visiting, and reviewing hundreds of campgrounds over the last decades, we strongly believe that there is no perfect campground.

One size definitely does not fit all. One person’s idea of camping nirvana might drive another RV enthusiast batty. Some folks like it rough while others like amenities. Certain campers crave privacy and isolation. Others look for a great location in the middle of the action.

There is no perfect campground. But there is a new, near-perfect camping guide.

However, there is a perfect campground for you with an individualized set of characteristics that will get your camp mojo humming. The key to finding RV bliss is knowing what to look for and how to find it.

Camping needs flexibility

Another key to being a happy camper is flexibility. If you are looking to visit a certain location or destination, then you want to find the best campground option in that place. It might not always be your ideal campground, but if that gets you bent out of shape, then you best stay home because you are going to experience a lot of disappointment.

How to find campgrounds

  • Use your old media tools like printed camp guides. Immediately narrow down your options based on campgrounds that have near perfect scores and have won multiple awards.
  • Use a specific online camping guide like Campiano.
  • More general travel guides like Google Maps or Trip Advisor.

The rule says: The awful campgrounds have great websites, and great campgrounds have not-so-great websites.

  • What hookups am I looking for? Am I willing to sacrifice full hook ups to be waterfront?
  • Do I want a Pull Thru or Back In? A pull thru is more convenient, while a back in site is often more private.
  • Do I want to be close or far away from the playground, pool, bathhouses, etc. Look closely at a campground map before booking your site.
  • Will certain sites have more road noise?
  • What is the traffic pattern through the campground? What sites will be far away from entering/exiting vehicles.
  • Do I want shade or sun? Use Google Maps on Satellite views to check out tree coverage.
  • Do I want to be waterfront, or will this cause stress with my children?

Book the perfect campground

Now, let’s sum it up. The best tip for booking the perfect campground is to use online booking unless it’s not available at all. Campground people are usually busy people and they require quite some information from their guests. Now that’s a lot of spelling and writing down so booking online is always a very good idea.